Christ Is Risen!

Beautiful song <3 perfectly describes the true meaning of this day of Easter! Happy Easter everyone and God Bless!

P.S. I saw this musical group live and they were fantastic! The band was AMAZING!

10 Things I’m Grateful For

10 Things I’m Grateful For:


1) My Life: opportunity to live as God wants me too

2) GOD’s mercy on my life despite my sins and faults

3) 2nd chances, a forgiving God

4) My job in which I love and feel blessed to have

5) My parents even though we don’t show as much love to one another

6) Shelter

7) Jesus as our Lord and savior

8) Angels that God has provided to assist here on earth

9) My mentors/spiritual guides/teachers that are in my life 

10) My friends

Predicted Favorite Super-bowl Commercial 2014

Okay so I know I posted this on Facebook but I haven’t been on my blog in a while and I can’t get enough of this commercial! Pre-superbowl I’m saying this is the best one I’ve seen but hey tomorrow is still upon us and I could see another ad that I like even more. This is also a favorite because it reunites the guys from Full House, come on, awesome!

I Figured Out Why I Have Horrible Back Pain…

I Figured Out Why I Have Horrible Back Pain…

Okay this makes soooooo much sense! I thought about this and noticed that it’s completely true because when I switched to a smaller, lighter bag my back/neck pain subsided!!! Sooo ladies if you have back pain start checking out what your purse looks like, how much stuff you carry around in it, and cut down! If you’re like me, you carry around a ton of crap that you don’t need! haha or you think you need all that stuff but really don’t! So maybe lighten it up a bit! and you won’t end up in PT like me!

BOUND 3: Franco & Rogen Take It To The Next Level

1) HAHAHAHA YES! See friggin Franco just gets it man, he just gets it.
2) Rogen killed it in this video, absolutely DOMINATED. Heck better than Kim if I might add…

That was something else. These guys, taking it to the next level of comedy. Did not see that coming from them at all…whewwwww that seriously made my night.